This first show will Explore the Possibilities…available right here…right now…to take Actions Intended to place us into a Flow of Life and Consciousness never known before. It is Empowering to Experience these Possibilities within us as they take place at both the physical and metaphysical levels of Existence. It is a Way of Living…of Being…in our Everyday Lives that makes our day to day World into an Enchanted, Mysterious Movement that is…a Second Genesis Birth. This show will answer questions you’ve always Wondered…it will Bring the Beginnings of a Peace you’ve known was Possible but could not quite Grasp and Own.

Second Genesis Awakening Show #1

Your Host…Debara Bruhn Towt…interviews adam’t gardener…Whole Food & Whole Herb Medicine Man…

The Human Accelerator Radio Show #1

Whole Food & Whole Herb Medicine Man, adam’t gardener talks about this Second Genesis Awakening Age and how we can all Leap Frog over the western models for nutrition and health into an Ancient yet Profound Level of Human Unfolding…

Second Genesis Awakening #2

Your Host…Debara Bruhn Towt gets “put on the hot-seat” as she becomes the Interviewed. Our Elder Medicine Man, Adam’t…steps in to be our Host, getting Debara to Share a few of her Thoughts and Stories.

The Human Accelerator Show #2

Whole Food, Whole Herb Medicine Man…Adam’t Gardener takes the Listener on a Journey into how human cells “Go Rogue”… become cancerous. You’ve gotta hear this one for sure…

Second Genesis Awakenings #3

Come listen to an In depth interview with our featured guest Susan Whiting was a first generation college graduate. Headed for medical school, she had to cut it short with the demands of children and family. She earned a degree in medical technology. After 20 years of working in that western medicine model, she became disillusioned with the disparity between treatments and results. As so many of us have been, Susan found herself struggling with health issues. Seeking out the Garden, she found personal Insights into Healing and Wholeness that now came from a place of Experience through the plant kingdom of life. She’s “on the hot seat” this week Sharing some of her life’s Story of struggles and success.