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I Invite you to come & discover ~ A Second Genesis Awakening  with myself and Adam’T Gardener & Family at Our Community website…where  Sustainable living is  happening. Come take the ride of your life… 

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Envision America’s  Medicine Wheels ..

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Building America’s Medicine Wheels

Debara Call In All Angels  …

Heartfelt Prayers… Echoing into the Universe … I invite you to come listen to song’s I have written over the year’s here on Song’s of Debara  page 


We are honored 2Be a part of DV7R Network  

  Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is a Boston Syndicated Radio Station  based in love thriving on Universal Guidance. As One Life Force, humanity is on a journey of spiritual enrichment and Evolution. We sit in humility with the thought Wee Are… part of this Sacred Evolution. 

We would love to have you join us for our new Radio show…The Second Genesis Awakening™  Broadcasting Monday’s  &  Tuesday’s at 12am & 12pmEST  with your Host…Debara Bruhn Towt 



Home to the Highest Ideals in Regenerative Medicine. Home to Building America’s Medicine Wheels…The Human Accelerator™…with Adam’t Gardener    … Apart of Dreamvision’s 7 Radio Networks Sustainability Green Platform Shows & Archives







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DV7 Radio Divine Sunday

 to Debara & Friends on Divine Sunday’s Live Music Radio Broadcast  & The Human Accelerator™ with your Host…Adam’t GardenerBroadcasting  The Second Genesis Awakeningwith Debara Bruhn Towt Broadcasts Weekly Monday 12am & 12pmET


Monday & Tuesday 12am/12pmET Jan 28th & 29th  The Second Genesis™ Radio Show is a New Show all about 

The Truth of this Age ~ Joining me is wonderful Adam’T Gardener ~  

Commentator and Narrator for this one hour Ride on what he calls…The Human Accelerator™ Author of two books, writer & producer of t.h.a.BE. movie, visionary of America’s Medicine Wheels and a Whole Food’s Whole Herb Medicine Man)  as we  converse  about …Our passion here at Americas Medicine Wheels™… which is all about bringing forward the Truth of this Age… that we can live a life free of sickness and disease all the days of our Human Walk.  It’s Genetically Wired to be so by Mother Nature…and it is through the Power of Epigenetic’s each of us may Stimulate an Abundance of Immunity, Vitality, Joy, etc. through simple changes in our lifestyles and diets.  How …. It’s all Automatic… for this hour,  Adam and I look  at the new January’s 2019 issue of  

National Geographic which is titled…”The Future of Medicine…how new technologies and ancient remedies are transforming…..  Listen live: http://bit.ly/ListenLiveDream7 Listen online, mobile, in cars with Bluetooth and through Amazon’s Echo by asking “Alexa play Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network






Plant Based Food Tips and Healthy Recipes with Debara Bruhn Towt from The Second Genesis Awakening™ on the Love By Intuition Show

Wednesday January 3oth &  Friday February 1st Come Join me on the Love By Intuition Show with Lovely Host Deborah Beauvais 

 on syndicated Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network Boston & Worldwide  

Tips and Recipes for a Plant based Diet  … We would  Love to hear from you! 

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Unity is the Key … These Times are Defining us MOMENT by MOMENT  2019


 I am delighted to have Deborah Beauvias, with her Intuitive sharing of letting go of 2018  as We welcome in the New year 2019…

Deborah shares her divine wisdom and light in this 1 hour show. We, Deborah and myself express what we have been  hearing recenlty  from each & everyone of you, our listeners, our friends and our families…

In this time of acceleration and of a evolutionary jump into this New Year 2019, with its Clarion call to each one of  us, individually.  Yes, we continue moving forward moment by moment with its vibration which is orchestrating … IT’S …Divine Magnificence upon each of us!   

A Universal, Sacred Solitude from DEEP Within us ALL …

A Time of Honor and Deep Respect!

 We Live in a LIVING UNIVERSE …  Breathe Relax & let it  flow….  Click here to listen :