This Page is reserved for biographies and Story from out of the lives of Guests we have had and are having on the Second Genesis Awakening Radio Show. Some of these Friends are Members of our WEE Community while others are just Great Supporters of America’s Second Genesis Awakenings.  
Susan Whiting Shares Her Struggles and Success… 

Susan Whiting was a first generation college graduate. Headed for medical school, she had to cut it short with the demands of children and family. She earned a degree in medical technology. After 20 years of working in that western medicine model, she became disillusioned with the disparity between treatments and results. Going back to school, she obtained a master’s degree in the behavioral health sciences. Seeing a vision inside herself of a Wholeness that didn’t exist in the western science model…armed with greater insights into human behavior and healing…she found her Passion working with University students for a Vision of Wholeness and Wellness that was not available through the standard courses being taught at that time. Susan was a first generation college graduate  headed for medical school.  She had to cut it short with the demands of children and family, earning a degree in medical technology.

Susan Comes Alive with Organic Gardening

Susan Whiting will be sharing frequently her Insights into the magic of her gardening with Debara & Adam’T Gardener on The Second Genesis Awakenings ™ Radio Hour .. & much more
Susan Climbs Sydney Bridge at 70 Years Old… 

And as so many of us have been, Susan found herself struggling with health issues. Seeking out the Garden, she found personal Insights into Healing and Wholeness that now came from a place of Experience through the plant kingdom of life. She’s “on the hot seat” this week Sharing some of her life’s Story of struggles and success. Being a first year baby boomer, born in 1946, you won’t want to miss her Story of climbing the Sidney Harbor Bridge overlooking the Opera House in Australia this past January of 2017. Susan’s 70 and getting younger and stronger every year.  




Rene’ Locklear White, Lumbee Indian Liveat the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Sept 8-9, 2017 A Historical Event

Indigenous, Healing Plant Super~Stars that Heal Prevent Cancer, Control Diabetes and even calm a Bee Sting with our gifted Guest Rene’ Locklear White, Lumbee Indian who is LIVE at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Sept 8-9, 2017 A Historical Event …   

“It is neither your title nor your name that defines you, but what is written on your heart,”– René White (Feather)   

Rene’ Locklear White White with Dr. Freda Porter Lumbee Tribal Administarot & Cynthia Locklear …  Rene’s Mentor & Surprise Honored Guest is  Lumbee Tribal Administrator Dr. Freda Locklear Porter Scientific Freda Locklear Porter received the 2010 Stellar Award from the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Porter was named the 2009 N.C. Minority Business Person of the Year and the 2007 UNCP Business Person of the Year. She was appointed Chairwoman of the North Carolina Advisory Commission on Military Affairs in 2012.

Chris White  
The Truth about Knowledge

 Today we will be exploring with our featured guest Chris WhiteThe three places God and we observer where Science has come a point beyond physical prayer, meditation, voice: speaking also how Water and Food carry Knowledge … Where does this knowledge come from & how can the knowledge from food  water make a difference?

Between 2008-2009 Chris received a prophetic dream of one tribe of people coming together that pleased Great Spirit and reached backward and forward in generations.                 

“One Tribe, One People”

The first of these people would be Native Americans in spirit, but include people from every race, religion and background. The premise is that these people would come to an understanding of the “Native Way” of life:  love and revere the Creator; which includes respecting creation, i.e., “Mother Earth;” and the revelation of “Yeshua,” “Messiah,” “Jesus Christ,” “The Great Mystery,” 


Enjoy this one hour radio show with Chris White from Sanctuary on the Trail…Chris Shares His Insights about “When The Spoken Word Becomes Medicine…”     

Art by Chris

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